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At Stone Group Lawyers we know that in the event that you are injured at work, going through the claiming process can be complicated and stressful. Our team of lawyers are eager to help you through yourWorkCover claim and/or workplace injuries claim in the event of an incident.

If you’ve had an accident at work which has affected your health or wellbeing you may be entitled to WorkCover benefits. There are many work related injuries that may be covered by WorkCover.

Entitlements may also cover any pre-existing injuries, illnesses or diseases that are worsened whilst you are working.

WorkCover laws and entitlements vary between states so it is important that you seek the help of professional who have your best interests in mind. Time limits do apply and delays may mean that your claim will not be successful. Prompt legal action on your behalf is essential. Here at Stone Group Lawyers we are happy to go above and beyond for our clients’ needs and ensure that they receive the outcome that they desire.

To arrange an appointment about your workcover claim, call Stone Group Lawyers on 1300 088 440.

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