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An Accredited Specialist is a lawyer who is recognised as having specific expertise in a particular area of law.

To become an Accredited Specialist not only does the lawyer have to maintain a high degree of professional development in their area of specialisation, they must pass a comprehensive assessment testing their technical knowledge, writing and practical interview or advocacy skills.

This assessment is developed and assessed by Australia’s academics, members of the Queensland Law Society and other senior Accredited Specialists.

With a very high failure rate, lawyers who are determined and proficient enough to pass this examination are acknowledged as being some of the leading lawyers in their field.

It is important to note that only practitioners who have passed the assessment can call themselves an Accredited Specialist and display the Accredited Specialist logo (pictured).

We are proud to currently have a Family Law Accredited Specialist as part of our team, and are excited to expand our team with more Accredited Specialists.

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