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Philosophy & Values

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Philosophy & Values

Stone Group Lawyers was established to pursue the legal and commercial interests of our clients; we are one of Queensland’s fastest growing law firms.

We are known in the market for providing high quality outcomes. From where we have come, where we are today and will be in the future, these five words summarise our core values and direction:

  1. Intelligent
  2. Elite
  3. Caring
  4. Evolving
  5. Assertive

Our Principles

We have a substantial and complete knowledge of both the legal and practical aspects of our legal work. This depth of knowledge plays a major part in allowing us to work by some of the other principles such as quality, speed and value for money.

The whole firm is briefed regularly with updates as to the law itself and all staff are compelled to attend continuing legal education sessions both inside and outside the Firm to ensure our knowledge is up to date. If necessary, we also have access to industry leading barristers who are amongst the best legal minds in the country and have a good relationship with Stone Group Lawyers.

In both transactional and litigious work, our Firm has excellent technical skills and we strive to increase the depth of our skills through diverse experiences by dealing with clients from many different industries and sizes.

Our principal aim is to put the client’s needs first. Every one of our lawyers are committed to ensuring that every client receives the service they require, when and where it is needed.

Both quality and speed of delivery are of major importance. We strive to excel at both, without compromise. Drawing upon everyone’s experience and the practical abilities of each of our lawyers, we endeavour to deal with each client’s legal work, or to acknowledge their requirements, on the day we receive their instructions.

We are accessible, and we will always be available to attend our client’s local premises so that we can better understand the business. What is commercial and practical for some clients may not necessarily be so for a client in different circumstances. We believe that this familiarisation is important in the preparation of timely advice and tailored documentation.

We use some of the best technology possible in running legal matters for clients. Our servers are housed in Australia and located next to the Australian Stock Exchange which provides integrity and protection of client data. We also utilise mobile and fixed technology in the firm allowing access to our lawyers when required.

We understand the importance of looking after our planet and are continuously working on improving our office processes to reduce our carbon footprint. Some of our recent improvements include establishing a recycling program in the office, transitioning into a paperless firm, if printing is required, to print double sided and ensure all appliances, light and air conditioning are turned off over night.

Employing low fixed overheads and the use of time costing purely as a billing guide and management tool, we are able to price attractively our charge-out rates and fixed quotations. Our effectiveness stems from broad experience in the assessment of tasks.

While we may offer lower costs and increased quality of work than larger firms, we are by no means a cheaper alternative for clients selecting a law firm. We often have clients that are elite individuals or medium to large companies who require a premium service and are prepared to pay for it.

We also have a strong billing culture internally within the firm which encourages and incentivises strong financial performance.

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