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Mortgage, Easements, Caveats & Other Registerable Interests In Land

Title encumbrances and other registerable interests can be confusing, whether you are looking for rights to be protected, or where another parties rights encroach onto your land.

Getting registered interests, such as easements and caveats, right the first time is paramount, as you often do not get the opportunity to revisit and reconstruct the rights and obligations that attach to such an interest.

Similarly, if your land is being effected, a experience and astute lawyer can often guide you through your rights and obligations so that you obtain the best outcome in dealing with a registered instrument.

Stone Group Lawyers hold the experience and expertise to provide you with concise and correct advice regarding any interest that you are looking to register, or have had registered, over your land.

If you have had an encumbrance registered over your land, or wish to do so, then call our office on 07 5635 0180 to claim your free 30-minute consultation with Stone Group Lawyers.

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