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Taxation Disputes

Tax law is complex and can be a significant cost for individuals and businesses alike.

Stone Group Lawyers are specialists in all tax disputes and we assist our clients to navigate the application of tax law to their specific circumstances and financial position.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is more adept than ever at examining individual and company tax affairs and unfortunately, the chance of a tax dispute arising is quite high. Proper tax dispute management is needed, and this is where our team can best work for you.

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Our Expertise

Stone Group Lawyers have the business expertise and technical skillset to understand the tax issues faced by private and public companies and high net worth individuals and we know how to resolve the disputes that arise from those issues. We assess the likelihood of success in your tax dispute and engage directly with the ATO on your behalf to achieve an expeditious outcome.

How we can help:

  • strong understanding of the ATO’s policies;
  • litigate complex cases to judgment and appeal as appropriate;
  • preparation of evidence and handling of court procedures;
  • negotiate directly with the ATO; and
  • implement early resolution tools such as mediation and voluntary disclosures.

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