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Contractual Disputes

Contracts govern almost every aspect of our lives, from the sale of goods to the provision of services.

There are many forms of contract such as written contracts, verbal contracts, express contracts, implied contracts, commercial contracts and consumer contracts.

The are five steps to determining whether there is a valid claim for breach of contract:

  • Is there a valid contract?
  • What were the terms of that contract?
  • Has that contract been breached?
  • Has the person suffered damage as a result of the breaching party’s conduct?
  • Is the person entitled to damage?

Each of the above steps has a number of elements that need to be established.

Common reasons why disputes arise include:

  • Breach of a contractual term, such as the failure to provide the goods/services or to remunerate a person for the provision of goods/services.
  • An unforeseen event occurs that means the contract cannot be performed as originally agreed.
  • The parties disagree as to what the terms of the contract actually are.
  • A party has signed a contract but did not understand what they were signing or were pressured into signing it.

It is therefore important that the parties to a contract understand exactly what their respective rights and obligations are before the contract is signed.

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Our Expertise

Our contract services include:

  • Drafting and reviewing of contracts before execution to ensure that the parties’ rights are clearly expressed and understood.
  • Advising on amendments and variations to a contract.
  • Advising a party on their rights/liability under a contract.
  • Assisting with the enforcement of rights under a contract.
  • Defending contractual claims made against a party.
  • Assisting with negotiations to ensure a commercial resolution is achieved between the parties in the event that a dispute arises between them.

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