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Commercial Agreements

A well drafted agreement is the most effective way to prevent later disputes between the parties.

If you are entering into an agreement and you wish to reduce that agreement to writing, Stone Group Lawyers is here to help. We are well versed in drafting all forms of commercial agreements, ranging from simple transfers of property to complex multi-party service contracts.

We regularly advise clients on:

  • Service contracts and employment agreements;
  • Contracts for the sale of property;
  • Deeds of confidentiality;
  • Share sale agreements;
  • General terms and conditions;
  • Loan agreements and security documentation;
  • Leases;
  • Contracts for the sale of a business;
  • Supply agreements; and
  • Trust deeds.

If you are entering into any form of commercial agreement, contact Stone Group Lawyers today to book your free 30 minute consultation to find out how we can assist you with protecting your rights and achieving the best commercial outcome in a cost efficient manner.

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