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What to expect at your first appointment

100% Complimentary

  1. We understand that seeing a family lawyer for the first time is always a little daunting, however we ensure that our service is 100% confidential and we treat every new client with respect and compassion no matter what the circumstances are.
  2. To get the most out of your first appointment, please print and bring with you any relevant documents so we can peruse these to understand your situation better. Examples of documents we often see are: important letters and emails, parenting plans, previous court documents, and financial statements. If you are unsure please call us beforehand and we will let you know.
  3. You will be greeted by our lovely receptionist who will give you a quick form to fill out. This is kept safely in our secured office and everything in it remains 100% confidential. Once you are ready, you will meet with one of our three family lawyers, Sally, Rebekah or Reece in a private meeting room. Combined, Sally, Rebekah & Reece have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area of law, so we promise you are in good hands! Reece, Rebekah and Sally work very closely on all of their matters and bring two different skill sets which ensure you get the best outcome.
  4. During your appointment our family lawyers will walk you through your different options and provide you preliminary advice on which one may be the best to take. It is important to remember that 45 minutes goes very quickly so they will try their best to help you as much as they can in that time frame. Sometimes writing a list of questions to go through is a great way to use the time!
  5. Depending on how you feel after the appointment, our standard procedure is for our office to send you our retainer documents which explains to you exactly how our office charges its clients and provides you a prediction of the stages to bring your matter to completion as soon as possible. This retainer document is a requirement of ours by the Legal Services Commission to ensure that there are no hidden fees as we want all of our clients to have 100% satisfaction with our service.
  6. Our focus throughout all of our meetings is to avoid you going to court (if that is possible) as we understand that it is stressful and very expensive. We will work with you every step of the way to help resolve your family law issues privately.

Where we are located

Our office is conveniently located opposite Australia Fair in the Southport Central Commercial Towers. All of our new clients are entitled to 3 hours free parking underneath our building. This can be accessed on Lawson Street, Southport on the Gold Coast. Below is a handy map to find us better!

If you have any problems, please call our office and we will walk you through how to find us.

Ready to book now? Book a consultation with our online calendar system

Your first appointment with us is 100% complimentary

Please enter in a time and date that suits you to meet with our family lawyers. It is our objective to be as flexible as possible as we know that your time is precious!

  1. Once you have completed the booking form below you will receive an email letting you know that we have received your booking.
  2. Once our office has reviewed the booking you have made they will send you a second email confirming the booking, or suggesting an alternative time.


Call our office on (07) 5635 0180 between 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday to make an appointment with our reception.


Unsure? Let us call you to discuss

Sometimes booking online can be a little impersonal and you might not be sure if you are ready to commit to meeting us straight away and that is okay! Our family law section will be more than happy to call you to talk to you about your matter first. We understand engaging a lawyer is a big leap so we will work with you when you are ready!

To organise a 100% complimentary call by one of our family lawyers, please fill out the form below and they will try to call you within 1 business day!

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