How to get support to pay for legal fees when you really need it

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How to get support to pay for legal fees when you really need it

Getting access to funds under the Family Law Act

When life does not go to plan, we always hope that there is going to be support available. This is especially the case when we need legal support to assist with issues like separation, divorce, and family disputes.

When a relationship breaks down, the cost of legal fees is not usually the first concern people have, things like where am I going to live, and how am I going to pay bills are more common concerns. And of course, how do I sort this out? This is best answered by a lawyer who practices in Family Law.

There are many reasons why people may not have funds to engage a Family Lawyer to assist them in the breakdown of their relationship, whether that assistance is to completely act for them or guide and assist along the way.  Some of the reasons that people may not have the funds:

– they do not work

– they work reduced hours because of health or childcare reasons

– they simply do not have the extra income to pay legal fees

How do you get legal assistance to help to address your concerns if you do not have the funds to pay for a mortgage, to move out of the jointly owned property because you cannot live there anymore, or even to pay day to day living expenses?

There are so many reasons why an individual cannot work, caring responsibilities, lack of access to childcare, housekeeping responsibilities or, unfortunately, where there is family violence or a controlling partner who does not allow access to the family finances. Accessing assistance to progress a Family Law matter is not something that all members of our community can afford.

Support and advice

Fortunately, there are ways to access funds to enable you to meet day to day expenses, move into rental accommodation and meet legal fees so that you can engage a lawyer of your choice. Under the Family Law Act, if you can identify funds within the relationship, you may be able to get access to those funds to meet your living and legal expenses.

If you are experiencing these issues, please reach out to Stone Group Lawyers. We provide a free initial consultation so we help you consider whether you can access those funds.

If you are experiencing family violence, please contact DVConnect on 1800 811 811 or the Brisbane Domestic Violence Service on 07 3217 2544.

Sally Southwood

Sally is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and has been practicing Family Law since 1998.

She as experience in all aspects of Family Law (including domestic violence), and also has particular experience in dealing with more challenging cases involving entrenched parenting and property disputes. Sally has and continues to appear on behalf of clients in all interim appearances before the Court, including interim hearings and mediation.

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