Gold Coast Property Lawyers

Timing is everything in property transactions. Opportunities rarely last and delays can mean the difference between winning and losing the deal.

Our team of Property Lawyers have the experience and expertise to respond and deliver – on time, on budget and with full consideration given to getting the deal done.

Our Property Lawyers regularly advise on transactions ranging in value from the small and simple to the large and complex, and have extensive experience in all facets of property development, body corporate, leasing, buying and selling deals.

We advise developers, investors, owners, landlords, tenants and property managers on all aspects of property law, including contract formation, due diligence, structuring, taxation, leasing, acquisition, finance, development and disposal of property assets.

We regularly advise on body corporate management, community title schemes, by laws and the issues that can arise under a body corporate arrangement. Our team can provide a clear understanding of your rights and obligations in relation to your body corporate and under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (Qld) generally.

If property disputes occur, our litigation, arbitration and mediation experience allows us to guide you to the best possible commercial outcome.

Our capability also extends to the provision of full residential and commercial conveyancing services.

Our property lawyers can assist you with the following:

Residential Transactions

Buying and selling residential properties are life changing transactions. At Stone Group, our lawyers take pride in providing clear advice about the laws that affect your transaction.

You can trust the property lawyers at Stone Group to understand your needs so that they are able to guide you through your contract, protect your rights and settle your property as soon as possible. Stone Group Lawyers emphasise building and maintaining relationships with our client so that we are in contact throughout the transaction, allowing you to understand how your transaction works.

Commercial Transactions

Commercial transactions are more complex than residential, this is where Stone Group Lawyer’s close relationship with clients becomes especially advantageous. Our experienced lawyers will consider your matter from all angles, ensuring that we review contracts with your interests in mind and protect your rights as vendors and purchasers.

Commercial transactions involve a range of issues, so our legal team will work with the commercial and business law team to process your transaction as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Property Development

Property development requires the proactive, forward thinking approach that the team at Stone Group Lawyers practice every day. We understand how crucial it is to work with a law firm who anticipate potential opportunities, issues and resolution and our team commits to bring you timely, accurate and valuable advice.

Body Corporate

The Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (Qld) makes living under a body corporate a unique lifestyle choice. If you are dealing with a body corporate, community title scheme, community management scheme issue or have issues with other residents in your community title scheme our lawyers can provide expert advice to help facilitate a solution as soon as possible.

With these issues, Stone Group Lawyers focus on ensuring an accurate understanding of the laws and regulations that govern community living. Living under a body corporate arrangement gives rise to special obligations for yourself and your neighbours. Our team will liaise closely with you to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your body corporate rights and obligations.

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